The Seventh Raft Race. 1992

The Booze Brothers.


Gordon Mackay

Ewan Robertson

Malcolm Davies

Mark Dunn

Andy Dunn

Hugh Durrant

Kenny Spronston

Barrie Harper

Doug Sheal

Jim Gardiner,

Jim Conner

Neil Daniel

Result: The Winner of the Most Attractive Raft


Perhaps the Lodges most memorable entry was the year they took on the guise of the “Booze Brothers” based very closely on the cult film the “Blues Brothers” the crew built a full sized replica of the police American police car featured in the film, and the crew all dressed in black suits, white shirts and ties (at this stage they just looked like a bunch of masons going to a lodge meeting) but once they donned the black hats and shades they were without mistake the one and only “Booze Brothers”