Lodge St Olaf 1188

Like many Masonic Lodges, Lodge St. Olaf has served a useful purpose in the community since it’s inauguration in 1919.

There is a wealth of stories and videos to rummage through on the pages of our website, which record our many adventures which have included raft racing on the river Ythan, long distance walks, usually ending in a pub!

We also have a number of photo galleries dotted throughout the site where much of the fun and games we’ve enjoyed across the years have been recorded for posterity.

Many of these articles are wonderfully descriptive and will give you a real flavour of what makes Lodge St. Olaf tick!


As an online Lodge, St. Olaf has much to be proud of. We were one of the first Lodges in Scotland to post it’s own website and we have tried hard to take advantage of developing technologies including an online payment mechanism for paying anual dues and and buying lodge ties etc..

We continue to look at ways of improving services to our members and visitors and believe that a well constructed website is an important tool as the internet has become one of the most convenient methods of communicating with the Masonic fraternity.

We hope you find your visit to our site interesting, and whilst here we hope you’ve something of the Spirit of St. Olaf in the pages youhave viwed.


The Speyside Way Song

A little dittie about our first Speyside Way adventure


The Speyside Way 1989

Big Tam’s rant at the camera on the Speyside Way


Speyside Way


Ythan Race 1989 - Noha's Ark

Winner of the Most Attractive Raft


Braemar 1993

Ski party fall over at the Lecht outing


The Braemar Address tae the Haggis

During one of our Braemar Gatherings, Kenny Davidson Addressed a Haggis


Ythan Race 1995 - The Spirit of St Olaf

Winner of the Most Attractive Raft


Ythan Race 1987 - The Fishing Trawler

Winner of the Most Attractive Raft