Lodge St Olaf 1188
The  Antient, Free and Accepted  Lodge of Scottish Freemasons have been meeting in Cruden Bay since 1919, since when the  “Lodge” has been a popular centre of friendship for hundreds of village men.
Freemasons Lodges meet on a regular basis, generally during the months between October and May.  Lodge St. Olaf meets fortnightly from the first Thursday in October through until March inclusive, check our meeting dates further down this page.
The local lodge in Cruden Bay, like all Masonic lodges, is actively involved in benevolent and charitable causes, and fund raises on an ongoing basis to provide support and assistance where it is needed. Lodge St Olaf, although only  a small village lodge, has donated tens of thousands of pounds to local causes since its inauguration in 1919, and remains committed to the self same principles to this day.
If you are interested in finding out more about the work carried out by Lodge St. Olaf, or Freemasonry in general, there is a great deal of useful information posted on the internet in general, and in sites like our which we hope you enjoy exploring.
The lodge always extends the hand of friendship to visiting freemasons, and is equally keen to meet potential new members who might like to join. If you fall into either of these categories, why don’t you take this opportunity to make contact by e-mail.

Centenary Celebration

Lodge St Olaf 1188 was founded in 1919 by a group of local men, many returned to the area from the 1st World War.

The first official meeting was held on 4th May 1919, and on the 11th May 2019 the Lodge celebrated its 100th anniversary with a commenoration dinner and the donation and dedication of a commemoration bench which has been sited in the heart of the village for the convenience of all.

WRM George Hall was at the helm throughout the organisation and on the ceremony itself, to read his reflections of this milestone day just click here.

2019-2020 Calander

The Lodge meets every fortnight from the 1st Thursday in October. The lodge tyles at 7:30pm.

Date Details
From April – 1st Thursday in October – Closed Season
3rd October 2019 Regular meeting – Business Meeting.
17th October 2019 Regular meeting – Provincial Visitation.
31st October 2019 Regular meeting – Regular meeting.
14th November 2019 Regular meeting – AGM Nomination
28th November 2019 Installation – Temple 50th Anniversary harmony.
12th December 2019 Regular meeting
26th December 2019 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
9th January 2020 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
23rd January 2020 Regular meeting – Burns Supper
6th February 2020 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
20th February 2020 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
5th March 2020 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
19th March 2020 Regular meeting – t.b.c.
A message to visitors

We are delighted that you have found your way to “Lodge St. Olaf.co.uk” and hope it’s not long before you can visit us in person. We hope you’ll find lots to interest within these pages and that you’ll come back regularly to see what’s happening.

We’re always happy to receive visitors into our Lodge meetings but there are a few requirements you should familiarise yourself with before hand.


  • Visitors must be qualified.  This means that you must be a member of a Lodge working under a Grand Lodge that is in amity with the Grand Lodge of Scotland and you must be in good standing. Visitors should be soberly dressed, as you would be for a meeting of your own Lodge. Visitors must be able to be proven in the degree worked on the night of their visit.
  • Unlike some other Grand Constitutions, there is no protocol of invitation or any need to pre-arrange your visit.  Just turn up at the door on the night and introduce yourself to the Senior Warden who will see the formalities done and make sure you’re well received.
  • Visitors to Lodge St. Olaf are always warmly welcomed, and the balance between due decorum and pleasurable evening is perfectly struck and frequently commented upon, as much by those who visit for the first time, as those who choose to spend their valuable time with us on a more regular basis.
  • The Lodge rooms are easy to find, once you have made your way to the centre of the village and find yourself outside the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel, you will see the entrance to Serald Lane directly across the road, 20 paces more brings you to the doorway of our lodge rooms where you will be greeted with the warmest of welcomes.

Local Accommodation

If you are planning a trip to visit Lodge St. Olaf and need a place to stay over night, we have some wonderful accommodation locally.

Closest to the Lodge Rooms are The Kilmarnock Arms Hotel and By The Bay Bed and Breakfast, Cruden Bay Bed and Breakfast and the St. Olaf Hotel are just a short walk away, less than 5 minutes.

Venue Telephone Number
Kilmarnock Arms Hotel 01779 812213
Cruden Bay Bed and Breakfast 01779 812215
St Olaf Hotel 01779 813130
By the Bay Bed and Breakfast 01779 812496