Lodge St Olaf 1188

Covid Notification

The Lodge has not been holding meetings since the end of February 2020 due to Lockdown constraints put in place during the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are hopeful that meetings will resume again on the 1st Thursday in October 2021 which would be the natural resumption date for the 2021-22 season.

Potential Meeting Dates for Season 2021-22

As we remain uncertain about our plans for recommencement of Lodge meetings, it is likely that necessary measures to ensure social distancing will be in place so it may be wise initially to discourage visitors until it’s clearly safe to open fully again to our former way of operating. We are also unsure about how working Degrees will be affected, if and when we do manage to reopen, we will of course take on board all advice and guidance from Provincial Grand Lodge, as well as from the Governments’ Health advisors.

With all of these concerns in mind, we still thought it would be worth mapping out our proposed meeting schedule for the season 2021-22

Thursday 7th October
Thursday 21st October
Thursday 4th November
Thursday 18th November
Thursday 2nd December
Thursday 16th December
Thursday 30th December
Thursday 13th January
Thursday 27th January
Thursday 10th February
Thursday 24th February
Thursday 10th March
Thursday 24th March

The  Antient, Free and Accepted  Lodge of Scottish Freemasons have been meeting in Cruden Bay since 1919, since when the  “Lodge” has been a popular centre of friendship for hundreds of village men.
Freemasons Lodges meet on a regular basis, generally during the months between October and May.  Lodge St. Olaf meets fortnightly from the first Thursday in October through until March inclusive, check our meeting dates detailed above.

The local lodge in Cruden Bay, like all Masonic lodges, is actively involved in benevolent and charitable causes, and fund raises on an ongoing basis to provide support and assistance where it is needed. Lodge St Olaf, although only  a small village lodge, has donated tens of thousands of pounds to local causes since its inauguration in 1919, and remains committed to the self same principles to this day.

If you are interested in finding out more about the work carried out by Lodge St. Olaf, or Freemasonry in general, there is a great deal of useful information posted on the internet in general, and in sites like our which we hope you enjoy exploring.
The lodge always extends the hand of friendship to visiting freemasons, and is equally keen to meet potential new members who might like to join. If you fall into either of these categories, why don’t you take this opportunity to make contact by e-mail.

Our Lodge has always been proud of its reputation as a friendly welcoming Lodge. Over the years we have hosted many fundraising events and taken part in a wide range of extracurricular adventures which have seen ‘Adventurers’ travel to every corner of Scotland, these were often fundraising projects in themselves. The once infamous Ythan Raft Race was a regular outing for the Lodge, much of the fun and games can be read about on this website, be sure to check it out.

Below are a few headlights of some of the more current notes of interest, we hope you enjoy exploring our website and thank you for visiting.

Bro. Ewan Mackay RWM 2019 –

Bro. Ewan Mackay RWM 2019 –

Presenting our new RWM One of Scotland’s youngest reigning RWM’s was installed on Thursday 5th December 2019. At 24 years and 6 months of age, Ewan Mackay was placed in the chair of King Solomon by PGMAE Bro. Douglas Nicol, Installing RWM, Bro. Norman Daniel PM (Lodge...

Centenary Celebration 1919-2019

Centenary Celebration 1919-2019

Centenary Celebration Lodge St Olaf 1188 was founded in 1919 by a group of local men, many returned to the area from the 1st World War. The first official meeting was held on 4th May 1919, and on the 11th May 2019, the Lodge celebrated its 100th anniversary with a...

An apron for the next generation

An apron for the next generation

I was recently approached by the widow of a passed brother (Bro. James Mennie at 90 years of age) who had found amongst his belongings his dress apron. There were no family members to pass the apron onto and knowing that I was in the craft, she approached me and asked...